Collection and Return

Where a collection service has been agreed a TumblePups staff member will take the required keys from the office and collect your dog(s) as agreed on the registration form or with prior agreement from the client.

Any special instructions or updates on your dog(s) welfare are to be communicated via telephone, e-mail or text before the dog(s) collection date.

Food and Water.

Water bowls will be provided throughout the day care centre and monitored and re-filled when required.

Treats will be given for rewards and incentives. Should a client wish for their dog(s) not to have any treats please let a member of staff know straight away.

Food is to be provided by the client should your dog(s) require a meal during the day care session, this is usually for puppies. All dogs will be fed separately in our dedicated feeding area to avoid food aggression.


Puppies under 6 months of age will be kept separated from the adult dogs in their own fenced off area within the day care centre.

Barking Policy.

It is a natural response for dogs to bark, this is how they communicate with each other, however excessive barking will not be tolerated. Excessive barking can adversely affect the behaviour of the dog’s in day care and this will be addressed immediately using positive reinforcement techniques.

Ready to enroll your dog(s) at TumblePups Doggy Day Care Centre? Contact us on 01234 918116 or email for more information. You can also register online by clicking here.

Resting Policy.

All dogs that are in full day care need rest periods throughout the day. Playing for 8 – 11 hours straight can cause a dog to become overtired and may result in health issues. Some of the dogs may be removed from the group play for an hour 3 times a day to rest and relax in the quite area. A staff member will determine the best times and methods for your dog (s) rest periods. Dogs who are not in full day care may not require rest periods unless they are puppies, but if they wish to rest they can.

Leash Policy.

When arriving and departing from TumblePups Doggy Day Care Centre it is essential your dog (s) are on a lead. Even though your dog (s) may be friendly and sociable we may have a dog waiting for a temperament test, who maybe nervous so please ensure you wait for a member of staff to take your dog (s) into the day care centre.

Waste Disposal Policy.

All dog faeces will be immediately collected and disposed of in the “dog poo wormery”. The area will then be disinfected to avoid diseases. Staff members will wash their hands with antibacterial hand wash and use hand sanitiser afterwards.


Towels, blankets & tea-towels are replaced with fresh each day. All laundry is washed and disinfected before it is reused.